• Farm Machinery Tractor Power Compact Cheap Corn Baler

  • Farm Machinery Tractor Power Compact Cheap Corn Baler
    We are professional supplier of Harvesters and Silage Machinery. We have advance technology and High-tech engineers. Our silage machines are designed by ourselves 10 years ago. After so many
    years using and upgrading, our silage machines have become the most advanced silage machine in China. And we share 96% of Chinese Market. But right now our company want to expand our marketing to overseas.
    In near future, we are going to set up some agents in different countries. Welcome reputable friends contact us to discuss!
    Following we list some of differences between our silage machines and machines from other factory, just for your kind reference. If you want to know more about the differences, welcome you visit our factory or buy sample machines to test and check everything.
    Hope after review the differences, you will have a clear idea about our machines:

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