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  • 1 Easy operation 2 Light and flexible 3 Mini and efficient 4 Best choice for silage baling Silage baler/forage baler machine

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    1 Easy operation 
    2 Light and flexible 
    3 Mini and efficient 
    4 Best choice for silage baling 
    Silage baler/forage baler machine 
    Silage Bundling Machine
    Model: Model: 9QYK-5252 
    It makes the filamentous feed into round bales. 
    1) This round bale silage machine is able to a variety of grass, straw bale, in order to store. Silage baling machine is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry.
    2) 9QYK-5252 round bales of silage type of machine is fixed Binder, scrubbing machine can rub the corn stalks and grass after the class and reliable pick up, strapping; bale density, long shelf life after coating.
    3) The machine is siding with thick, bold roll of aluminum and the shaft, bearing external fixation, screw-type back and forth around the rope system, new pickup feeder institutions, aluminum chassis and roll under the large space. With a rigid machine, the main pieces of long life, convenient maintenance machine, pulling a small rope, tied around the rope and high efficiency; the bottom of the silt clean-up material fast and convenient, without stopping the operation, the machine can be timely protected. 
    Main Technical Data
    Dimension(L×W×H) 1680×1400×1120mm
    Efficiency 40~50 bales/hour
    Power 4kw
    Net Weight 440kg
    Bale Size Dia520×520mm
    Bale Weight 58~65kg/bale

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