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The user instructions
First, after the upgrade, with invoice, certificate of approval, three packs of service certificate to the company maintenance network registration (3 card be short of one cannot.
Second, the registration deadline for the upgrade invoice date is a month, that is not registration will no longer deal with the date.
Third, after the warranty period, our factory continues to provide maintenance service for users, spare parts and charge users themselves.
Four, the user must keep "three certificates", shall not be lost, alter or lend.
Five, the corn combine harvester, 3 packets of period of validity is one year of the corn harvest, with products sold to date. 3 packets of period of efficacy are main part for two years.
Six, specific warranty matters shall be dealt with in accordance with factory "three packs of service implementation rules".
Seven, by diesel engine factory warranty.
Huaxi, yutian brand combine three packs of service implementation details
Xinxiang huaxi machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the xinxiang huaxi), in accordance with: the policy of "quality first, customer supreme", to better provide quality products and satisfied service to the user, safeguard the interests of the users and enterprises, improve enterprise reputation, remove the user's worries, these three services are detailed rules for the implementation.
One, the general
1, these rules, the corn combine harvester of xinxiang huaxi production, product sales after the corn harvest, in case of quality problems in 3 packets of period, implement three guarantees time scope, procedures, and financial responsibility, and so on.
2, these rules according to the "product quality law of the People's Republic of China, the agricultural machinery product repair, change, the responsibility that return money sets" countries such as the laws and regulations, combined with market demand and the characteristics of the harvester products and develop.
Three packs of 3, product refers to according to the technical requirements of inspection of corn combine harvester, corn products into the circulation channels after the harvest, the user right in, use, maintenance and maintenance, and under the condition of record, in case of product manufacturing quality problem, the manufacturer shall be responsible for the repair, replacement and return.
4, implement three guarantees the principle is: give priority to with repair, repair after the new repair parts shall ensure that meet the specification requirements, can not meet the requirements should be replaced, still can not meet the specification requirements after replacement should be return.
5, corn combine harvester, 3 packets of period of validity is one year of the corn harvest, will be subject to date (purchase invoice) products are sold out. 3 packets of period of efficacy are main part for two years. The main components are: internal-combustion engine airframe, cylinder cover, frame, gear case, clutch, steering machine.
Second, the implementation of three guarantees
1, all xinxiang huaxi production of corn combine harvester, corn harvest cutting machine, the user in accordance with the provisions of the instruction manual break-in, right under the condition of use, maintenance and maintenance, in case of product of form a complete set of manufacturing quality or quality problem, guarantees according to these rules.
2, every one of the following circumstances, no guarantees:
(1) because the running-in, use, maintenance, maintain undeserved cause early wear and failure.
(2) resulting from modification, adjust and remove the faults.
(3) no 3 packets of prooves and effective of the invoice.
(4) specifications do not tally with the invoice.
(5) after failure occurs, did not keep the damage to its original state.
(6) driving, the operator is not legally obtained the fault caused by driving, operating certificate.
(7) damage due to force majeure.
(8) wearing parts. Such as rubber products, electrical components, plastic nylon pieces, cutter parts, chains, bearings, clutch pressure plate, friction plate, etc.
3, economic responsibility
(1) all three packs of the combine harvester products, corn cutting machines, according to the principle of "who sales who is in charge of", by 3 packets of responsibility unit should be provided free of charge three packs of service for the user. After the service, for it is problem of product quality, by xinxiang huaxi assumes 3 packets of a fee.
(2) in 3 packets of period, because the user failed to timely discovery, troubleshooting the expansion of the accident, and the user running-in, improper use, maintenance, and maintenance and accident, all shall be undertaken by the user. Xinxiang huaxi and three packs of service unit should give technical guidance, and provide paid services.
(3) driving, operating personnel failed to take part in technical training, after training or unqualified, computer operation caused by the accident, the user is responsible for.
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